Job Search 101: useful tips to promote yourself better

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Everybody says it: job seeking is a full time job. Whether it is by choice or by fate, you’ll be thrown in a position where you’ll have to promote yourself over and over again. That’s the whole point of a job search, right. But if you’re somewhat of an introvert like me, this might sound a bit horrifying. So in order to help you out, I pinned down five steps that helped me get the best out of my job search. These are both taken from my own experience and from external sources that I’ve consulted during the process.

Since there’s a lot to say on each of the topics I want to cover, I divided it in 5 installments that will be published in the upcoming days. Here’s an overview of what will be to covered:

  1. What do you want out of life? – Getting your priorities straight
  2. Who are you? – Mastering your personal story
  3. Branding an effective CV – Design and writing tips
  4. Can I Google you? – Leveraging and tuning your online presence
  5. Fixed or growth – Adopting a job search mindset

Okay, so this sounds very intuitive, but believe me, when you’re in a position where you REALLY need to get out of your job or you REALLY feel you’ve been out of the market for too long, you might want to skip over these steps and take whatever comes first.

Although I understand perfectly well the urgency of your decision, doing this will probably get you in another unfulfilling job and in that same exact position if not in a few months, in a few years or even decades. So much time lost! Just as with dating, you must first get a pretty clear idea of who you are, your goals in life and things you absolutely need to feel good with that person to make a more thoughtful decision. It’s exactly the same with a job.

I’m not saying you should have a list of 50 items that need to be fulfilled in order to satisfy you, but you should know what your medium-term and long-term goals are and also the big no-nos that will act as red flags when the time comes to move forward.

So let’s get on it! Read the first part here.

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